Where Do Hamburgers Come From?

"Mommy, where do hamburgers come from?" I recently overheard a child
innocently asking his mother this very question in a local fast food
restaurant. "WOW!", I thought.

How can anyone NOT know where a hamburger comes from? Has society become
so "city-fied" that we have forgotten? Has society become that far
removed? Do children not realize that hamburgers aren't "born" in a
freezer? In case anyone reading this doesn't know either, it's called a
COW! No, not the ones portrayed in cartoons as "human-like" that walk on
two legs and hot-wire cars as in the movie, "Barnyard"). REAL cows,
raised by farmers, for the purpose of feeding our nation's people.....
For now anyway, unless the Animal Rights folk get their way and the poor
cows (and chickens and pigs and dogs and cats and all animals) are given
the RIGHT to NOT be eaten or used by humans. No, folks, I'm not on
drugs, and this isn't a movie on the Sci-Fi channel. It's a REAL threat
that all Americans are facing whether they realize it or not. Little by
little, in state by state, the Animal Rights (AR) movement is hard at
it, writing legislation to make it more difficult and more expensive to
own, breed and use animals for food and to keep as pets. "What group is
doing this? I know I would never donate to such a group of nut
jobs!"....Not knowingly, no, most Americans would never open their
checkbooks and give money to such a left-wing extremist group that wants
no one to eat meat, or wear fur, or go hunting, or to own pets. The sad
truth is that it happens every day: people who love animals and want to
"end their suffering", well meaning, hard working, animal loving Moms
and Pops. Yep, you and me, WE are funding our own demise when it comes
to animals and our RIGHT to keep, breed, and use them for food. So, who
is this left-wing group? None other than the Humane Society of the
United States (the HSUS).

Disguising themselves as "animal welfarists", the HSUS has become the
wealthiest Animal Rights organization in America. Contrary to what their
name implies, the HSUS does NOT operate any animal shelter, anywhere.
Nor do they provide medical services or help find homes for homeless
pets. Several years ago, the HSUS merged with another Animal Rights
organization, the Fund for Animals, and in doing so, acquired a handful
of animal sanctuaries, one of which is called The Black Beauty Ranch in
Texas. In it's report for 2007, the HSUS disclosed over $206 MILLION in
assets. Let that number sink in for a minute....$206 MILLION.

So, what DO they do with their massive fortune funded by hard working
Americans like you and me? They lobby our lawmakers into passing more
restrictive laws governing animal ownership, breeding, hunting, and
farming. They spend thousands upon thousands of dollars "educating" (or
rather, "indoctrinating") the children in this country that hunting and
eating meat isn't "humane". All under the guise of "animal
welfare"....Does that surprise you? Does it infuriate you that you have
been misled into thinking your hard earned dollars were being used to
directly help poor homeless animals? Does it make your blood boil to
know that your donations, given in good faith, are being used to make it
MORE expensive to put food on your family's table? It should. America
has been duped into funding the wealthiest Animal Rights lobbying
organization in the world and the time to stop it is NOW! (unless the
thought of grilling Tofu burgers on July 4th sounds appealing)

On November 4th, Americans will have the chance to vote for their choice
of leaders, both locally and nationally. In California, the voters will
have another important choice to make: whether or not Proposition 2 will
be voted into law. Proposition 2 is a ballot initiative to (eventually)
force farmers of eggs, veal and pork out of business. Funded by the
HSUS, Prop 2 will dictate HOW egg producers will keep their chickens and
cows and pigs, raising the costs to the farmer, and eventually, driving
the costs of these food staples out of reach for many Americans. The
farmers that feed our nation won't be able to do so if Proposition 2
passes. Nor can all Americans afford to pay $4/dozen for eggs raised
"cage free", or "free range". Farming is an expensive business, but a
crucial one to this country. If farmers in California are forced to
close down in California due to the passing of Prop 2, how are they
going to support their families? Farming isn't a crime (yet). However,
causing hard working people to lose their livelihood, and narrowing your
choices at the grocery store IS. And for what? The "happiness" of a
chicken or cow or pig? Do you want your scrambled eggs and bacon and
hamburgers imported from another country because the American farmer has
been driven out of business by lobbying groups with a "no meat America"
agenda? It all comes down to a commonsense question: Who knows better
how to raise our nation's food supply: a) the farmers that have been
doing so for centuries and are well versed in animal husbandry, coming
into contact with REAL animals on a daily basis or b) MULTI MILLION
DOLLAR Animal RIGHTS Groups that DO NOT come into contact with animals
on a daily basis, have NEVER worked on a farm and whose ultimate goal is
to FORCE their vegan lifestyle onto the American public....("Mommy,
where do TOFU burgers come from?")

I'll admit, I'm a far distance away from California, so, why do I care
what happens to the farmers that live there? Because if Proposition 2
passes in California, you can bet a Big Mac that in the not too distant
future, similar legislation will come here. To OUR state, threatening
OUR farmers. It's up to each one of us to see to it that the choices
regarding our animals, whether they be for food or pets, remains with
the people that know them best: the OWNERS. It is up to each one of us
to educate our youth on the importance of farming and proper animal
husbandry practices. It is up to US to STOP the madness; to STOP funding
our own demise when it comes to our animals and our RIGHTS as animal
owners. If you are inclined to donate money to help animals, then donate
to a local shelter or rescue organization, where the money will be used
to feed and care for the daily needs of actual animals. Not an Animal
Rights group working around the clock to slowly take away our rights to
use and own animals.

If Americans don't wake up and come to their senses very soon, the
simple question of "Where do hamburgers come from?", will result in this

"What's a hamburger? Anything like TOFU?"

EDUCATE before you DONATE!




Robin Cannon, Marauder Rottweilers & Pro Handling

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