Brandon Goes To New Zealand 2002!

For my parents, Mary and Don Demick , the Summersville Memorial Methodist Church, and everyone that  helped to make this possible, we thank you!

In late August of 2001 Brandon decided that he wanted to go to New Zealand for 2 months to spread the Word of God with Teen Mania Ministries. His good friend, Jesse Hovemeyer had just come back from Panama and enthusiastically told of his adventures. The two of them had conversed on-line for many hours on the bible and it's meanings. Now they added in Jesse's experiences. They decided to show our  youth in the Summersville Memorial United Methodist Church what Teen Mania was all about. Jesse's mom, Sue, and his 6 other siblings made plans to come and send a few days in Summersville and put on a program. It was planned for September 12, 2001. We debated whether to continue with the program after the 9-11 tragedy, but decided what better show of faith than to be in church at this time and realize that there are people in the world that may not know about Jesus. To my embarrassment, only 2 people, plus our minister Damon and his wife Judy, came! Needless to say, I was appalled! However, the kids put on the program with the help of 2 other youth and proceeded as if the church was filled to capacity. It was a wonderful experience for them and that is when Brandon announced he was going to New Zealand with Jesse.

Not an easy task for a 16 year old to undertake. However we told him that
"If it's to's up to me" should be his new motto. He decided to get a job, and went to

Radio Shack. His love of computers, and the fact that he spent time there talking to the

 people, led him to get a job over the Christmas holidays. His manager, Will, is a funny, and very kind man and has given Brandon a wonderful experience there. He has backed him all the way and donated computer parts for the computer raffle that Brandon is holding to help make money for this trip.
Brandon also is building
squirrel feeders to sell for $12.00. They are made with the left-overs of another of Brandon's love: pickles. We go through at least 1 gallon of dill pickles a week because Brandon loves them so much. The by-products is gallon jars now used in the building of these squirrel feeders.Brandon has gone to local businesses and asked for support, and put 2 articles in the local paper announcing his intentions. 
February 17, 2002 the Summersville Memorial Methodist Church had a special mission offering during the Sunday service, and then a dinner afterwards. Sherry, Peggy Basham and Jackie Houchin spent a lot of time decorating and organizing the dinner, along with baking the ham and turkeys. Members of the church brought in casseroles, and everyone was invited downstairs for the meal after the service. Damon, our minister, announced the amount the church gave to Brandon for this special trip.
Since then there have been 2 garage sales, one by the church's Agape Circle, and on by Sherry Nichols. Howard Harris of H&H Pallets gave a generous donation

The Total  Cost? $6500 !!
This includes money he spent while there, and money we spent when he came home and had to be taken for X-rays of his cracked rib and medication to stave off pneumonia.
Was it worth it? Check out his pages and journal entries!


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NZ Weeks 2 - 4: Busy Time - New Friends

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Brandon's Tee-Shirt we designed

 and the logo on his hat that he designed.

       Heading into the airport with a Ham


At the ticket counter. I was told not to take any pictures there...

    Brandon and Jesse heading to Teen Mania

At Garden Valley - Teen Mania Headquarters