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New World Training Center- Bethany's horse training site.
Treasure Hunt Dachshunds - Mariann's dachshund site
Omega Computers -Brandon's computer site coming soon

***Currently we are not open to the public,  due to illness, changes and construction.***

"People with goals succeed because they know where they're going" - Earl Nightingale

New World Training Center- Bethany's horse training site.
Treasure Hunt Dachshunds - Mariann's dachshund site
Omega Computers -Brandon's computer site coming soon

    For those of you that raise any type of animal, be sure to arm yourself with the facts against the proposed NAIS program that the government has in mind...   To learn more about NAIS, and what it means for farmers and consumers, visit Liberty Ark Coalition        Stop NAIS in Oregon   RS Redstate     Free Market News   Farm and Ranch Freedom

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  PET SHOPS ON-LINE First they Came for the Cows: In 2006 a USDA mandate called National Animal Identification System (NAIS) came to the attention of a middle-aged homesteader in NW Vermont and she finds herself thrown into the role of a reluctant activist. First They Came for the Cows is a fictionalized account of her experience. Some churches are using First They Came for the Cows for their book clubs. Good Christian fiction can be hard to come by, you know





The Modern Homestead Manual, a book that was written specifically to tell what it really takes to make it beyond the sidewalks and powerlines. It tells the reader a lot of the essentials they won't find in most other publications and is written by two people who lived the life and did it well.


PET SHOPS ON-LINEMore Power to You! is a complete, step-by-step manual on how to build a wilderness home electrical-power system that will run a house and a good-sized shop.  It's specifically for those who do not have the sun, wind or water resources necessary to produce the kind of power they need. The system described was time-tested and evolved over a ten year period at the owner's home and woodworking shop where he earned the family's living.

Jim feels that this book is an excellent example of what you need to do for electricity on a homestead when you are not using wind or solar power.


SharingKarma  Interested in starting out - finding the right property, natural building, alternative energy, talking to other wannabe's - there are blogs, and forums to help you get started with ideas.


Grama's Recipes For Life  "The first line of Julie's Apple Pie recipe reads, "To make the best apple pie you must first send your 10 kids up to the orchard to pick some ripe yellow transparent apples..." Julie wrote these stories of her childhood for her grandchildren. But I think old and young alike will fall in love with Julie's stories and unique writing style."

Extreme Simplicity: Homesteading in the City by Christopher Nyerges, Dolores Nyerges  Here are some basic tips that are covered: -- Save water, gasoline, and fertilizers by substituting a traditional, water-lavish grass lawn with more low-growing plants which require very little upkeep, and which are pleasant-smelling and wonderful food sources. New Zealand spinach, red clover, mint, and thyme are some examples. --Lower your power and gas bills by using solar energy to heat water, bake bread, and generate electricity for other purposes. -- Get rid of your costly garbage disposal and recycle your own garbage. Give food scraps to your animals. And you can go as far as making a compost pit of kitchen scraps and pet manure with a joint rabbit hutch and worm-farm. --Allow cooler air to flow through the house without having a pricey and high-powered central cooling system. Replace regular screen doors with steel security screens, so you can leave the doors open all night without worrying about a break-in. You can also paint your dark-colored roof with a white coat to keep down solar heat absorption.  --Don’t rake your yard. By keeping the area heavily mulched, you don’t have to water as often or use any hazardous chemicals. The organic matter in the mulch replenishes grass. -- Plant shade trees. This increases the fragrance and beauty of your yard and lessens the need for mechanically cooling your house. Consider citrus trees. They are drought-tolerant and yield delicious, fresh, natural fruits.

My Favorite Recipes  6 Days  of Economical Recipes and more

 Beauty Recipes  Soaps, Petroleum Jelly, Skin Cream and more

Backwoods Home Magazine This is an excellent magazine, full of ideas on homesteading in the modern world... with issues, humor, advice, and features on the use of guns on the homestead, recipes for wild game, and editorials that make you think. Another favorite of ours!

Countryside Magazine   a magazine that takes you back to the good old days one of our favorites!

The Homestead.Org online homesteading and small farm resource. Very interesting and informative articles.

Lehmans     This store is located in the heart of Amish Country in Holmes County, Ohio ...the largest Amish Communities. If you need supplies for living without electricity like Aladdin lamps, wood cook stoves, wood stoves, grain mills, than this is the store for you!

Cultivating Country - Your Source to Do It Yourself Country  Please relax and make yourself at home. Our desire is to share with you the love of all things country. We live in a world that sometimes, seems to move at warp speed. It is our belief that the country life can be a simple and refreshing way to live. There is so much to be learned from growing and nurturing the things around us...

The Humanure Book Online “I already knew that composting human waste made sense, and I had been looking for more practical information. Your book was exactly the information I was looking for, and it inspired me to put the ideas into action.” B.C. in NYC, NY The whole Humanure Book online! This page is the index -  pick a chapter and read.

Amish Heartland An online publication and subscription to a magazine about the Amish in Holmes County, Ohio

Little Country Village Teaching you the "how-to's"  of cottage gardening, homesteading, frugal living, cheap building methods, easy meals, and more..

Simple and Sustainable Living   Where we search for simple and ecologically sane living Basic Questions and Answers

Your Daily Freebies -Simplicity A HUGE list of sites for bartering and simple living

The Simplicity Resource Guide Choosing Simplicity features the real-life stories of people who have simplified their lives as well as the author's reflections and insights on their life experiences.

A Frugal, Simple Life  Tips and resources

Homestead Products quality products for simple living, preparedness & outdoors

Wilderness Family Naturals We are the Fischer's, a home-schooling, home-birthing,  homesteading, home-business family. We are 20 miles from phone lines, electric lines, septic systems, indoor plumbing, and plowed roads.  But thanks to modern technology we are able to have the peace and quiet that our remote log house brings and run a wonderful herb and health products business.   We have 7 children.  Our oldest is 15 and our youngest is 1 1/2.  The Lord has blessed us with 5 boys and 2 girls.  We have lived here over 6 years now and can't imagine going back to "life on the pavement."

Many Tracks  If you are interested in self-sufficiency or homesteading, organic gardening or seed saving, the not so simple life, alternative energy or alternative living . . . If you are of an independent mind, walk an independent but connected path, believe in being responsible for yourself, believe in laughing and having fun . . .We appreciate your visit.

EcoLiving Center  Natural Remedies and Household Cleaners

Straw Bale Homes  Strawbale construction is a living, changing, growing thing. The caring, committed heart of it remains unchanged - but significant advances in our understandings of how the material behaves and how best to use it continue to develop rapidly. Many clarifications and changes to strawbale's "best practices" have happened since the early days of the technique's resurgence, contributing to better - and often simpler and more earth-friendly - ways of doing things.
For many of you the thought of building your first straw bale project may seem daunting, especially if it's going to be your primary residence. We suggest that you practice on something small prior to embarking on the home of your dreams. The sunset cottage, which is the featured building in our best-selling series of Step-By-Step Straw Bale Construction DVDs, is the perfect practice building.

Simple and Sustainable Ideas Where we search for simple and ecologically sane living

Books to read I have a list of good books to read on the bottom of my Living Without Electricity page

  Getting A Life:  simplicity articles

   Frugal Times : Tips for Saving Money in the Real World - Saving tips on: Saving Money, Saving Time, Family, Homemade cleaners, etc

 Miserly Moms

  Not Just Beans Your online source for frugal living tips and free recipes. The home of the Dining On A Dime and Not Just Beans.

 The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness by Dave Ramsey
His seven-step plan includes paying off all debts except the home mortgage at an accelerated speed, creating a financial safety net that covers three to six months' expenses, investing 15 percent of income in a retirement fund, and saving for children's college expenses. He effectively shows how regular people can rid themselves of debt and grow their wealth using current income.

has been created by a hobby farmer, who knew specifically what was needed to keep good records. This book is not a "how-to" book, but is designed for those who have become quite self sufficient in raising and growing food for their families. It covers several categories such as: gardening (flowers, herbs and vegetables) farmer's market (for those who sell their harvest), laying hens, goats, raising your own meat (poultry, beef, pork) vet calls, added expenses, youth projects, etc. This is just a partial list of what is offered. Keep your work recorded through out the year so you can look back and see what you have accomplished. Let this journal reflect your lifestyle and your personality.This book is 149 pages, spiral binding, laminated cover and contains several bland pages with each category for plenty of room to keep notes.If interested please send $11.99 plus $2.00 S&H to: Pat Mikul  N4543 Lake Shore Dr. Birnamwood, Wisconsin 54414 mikulptrc@aol.com

PLEASE HELP PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF WV ANIMAL OWNERS   It is our duty as citizens (local, WV and U.S.) to know the laws. It's time to spread the word to the WV animal owning population that there are people out there trying to create laws that have the potential to affect every aspect of all animal ownership. Please join our group, and help preserve your right to keep animals!

If you are interested in owning any exotic baby, please remember that the Animal Rights activists are not your friend. You should join groups in your state - or go to Exotic Law for more info on where to go for information




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