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New World Training Center- Bethany's horse training site.

Favorite Animal Links

"Things may come to those who wait, but only those things left by those who hustle."
~ Abraham Lincoln

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." ~ Albert Einstein

I have found over the years, that it is not so much what you know as a teacher, but can you find the information that is needed to teach your child... and then teach them how to discover the answers to their questions. We didn't have the Internet for a lot of our years homeschooling, but with this advantage, there is no reason why anyone cannot homeschool their children.

New World Training Center- Bethany's horse training site..

Our Homeschooling Experience

New Horizons Equine We are proud to offer you the most comprehensive equine education available through the mail today. Whether you are new to the horse world or have years of experience, we are confident you will find just the right courses to help you achieve your equestrian goals.
We have designed a successful series of courses to guide you, step-by-step, from basic horsemanship through advanced principles of equine management.
If you are preparing for a career with horses or simply want to improve your equestrian skills, education will be the key to your success.


Homeschooling Journey   This website is designed to finally give concrete answers to the kinds of questions people most often ask. You will find out the best free educational resources, teaching shortcuts, ideas for curriculum and lots more.

Why Homeschool?   Answers to all your questions!

Learn In Freedom  learn how to live without school!

Kaleidoscopes   A discussion board all on homeschooling... A GREAT place to start!

The Homeschool Zone     Lots of information and resources, plus free newsletters

The Home Educator Whether you are just discovering homeschooling, have already started on the homeschool journey, or are looking for support, encouragement and resources, you have come to the right place. Please take a moment to look at the different services offered on our web site. Join our Discussion List and receive encouragement and help from other homeschool families from around the nation and even the world.
Timberdoodle  We used this company for all of our years as homeschoolers. They have homeschooled for years all of their children for many years. Get their catalog and read all about their ideas, kids, etc through out the pages. You also get a free book with each order. A strongly Christian site

 The Homeschool Oasis I wish I had seen this earlier... an excellent site - info, articles, catalog... everything you would need to get started right through High School!

The Teel Family's Homepage is about a family and homeschooling in Alaska... A great resource for ideas for your kids

Home Education Learning Magazine   Why Homeschool? This page has lots of questions and answers for you.

Lesson Planz.com This is a lesson plans and teaching resource guide for all the grades.

Cerelle's Homeschooling answers to FAQ's

Course transcripts and Numbers for your High School Student

Cafi Cohen's Homeschooling articles on teens and a great site to search and learn

West Virginia Home Educators Association has a lot of links for curriculum you can look over

Unschooling a type of child-interest learning

Diplomas where to get a diploma for your home school

ACT  Information on the all important test ... Also there is an ACT Lab for practice

"edu-speak" learn the language of educators

SAT college power prep with SAT labs

Solar Cooking Experiment Course Objectives (By the end of the course participants will be able to:)



  PET SHOPS ON-LINE First they Came for the Cows: In 2006 a USDA mandate called National Animal Identification System (NAIS) came to the attention of a middle-aged homesteader in NW Vermont and she finds herself thrown into the role of a reluctant activist. First They Came for the Cows is a fictionalized account of her experience. Some churches are using First They Came for the Cows for their book clubs. Good Christian fiction can be hard to come by, you know


PLEASE HELP PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF WV ANIMAL OWNERS   It is our duty as citizens (local, WV and U.S.) to know the laws. It's time to spread the word to the WV animal owning population that there are people out there trying to create laws that have the potential to affect every aspect of all animal ownership. Please join our group, and help preserve your right to keep animals!

If you are interested in owning any exotic baby, please remember that the Animal Rights activists are not your friend. You should join groups in your state - or go to Exotic Law for more info on where to go for information